It is intended for musicians and artistic directors of all kinds of professional, amateur, church and children choirs, as well as folk singing ensembles who were unfortunately not in a position to acquire this particular kind of knowledge very much needed for choir directing and those choir directors who have not received formal music education.

The curriculum covers a course of lectures which are most important in providing choir leaders with appropriate knowledge in the field of voice and interpretation. We intend to offer our candidates a broad theorethical knowledge on human voice and enable them to actively study of the art of choir singing in order to pass it on further to singers, having in mind the fact that improving the art of singing should constitue the basis of one's work with a choir. A thorough study of voice and vocal interpretation further adds to the knowledge of music a choir conductor must have. The curriculum of the School can be divided in three basic levels:

The emphasis is given to teaching how to achieve a certain something by one's voice and what happens in the process (phenomenology).

The emphasis is given to teaching when to apply a certain means of vocal expression.

The emphasis is given to teaching about the unity of understanding, interpreting and performing a musical work and combining it with one's knowledge and vocal skill acquired during the first two course levels.

The one-year lectures are held once a month from Friday to Sunday.


2-hour refresher lecture /choir rehersal (evenings)

3-hour lecture (mornings)
break (1 1/2 hrs)
3-hour lecture/choir rehersal (afternoon)
break (1 hr)
2-hour lecture/choir rehersal (evenings)

3-hour lecture (mornings)

The schedule may change to fit candidates' needs.

Upon completing a course lecture, the candidates are entitled to choose, according to their interests, among two kinds of certificates: the Certificate of Attendance for 1st, 2nd or 3rd Level Course (without having to enter the final exam) and the Certificate of Completing the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Level Course (with the final exam passed). The candidates who complete and pass all the exams are awarded the School for Choir Directors Diploma Certificate.


The 1st level course exam checks the candidates' knowledge of vocal theory and basic mastery of the vocal technique and emotional voice posture.
In the 2nd level course exam theoretical part, the candidates are expected to give vocal, technical and voice posture analyses of choral music pieces and to prepare their vocal and stylistic interpretations while applying the knowledge of vocographics. In the practical part of the exam the candidates are expected to apply the knowledge they received during the lessons during choir rehersals.
The 3rd level course exam consists of the candidates' giving a lecture on analytical interpretation of a longer choir music piece from the aspect of music stylistics, vocal stylistics, musical aesthetics and interpretation.
The second part of the exam consists of a public performance with the choir during which the candidates are expected to perform certain compositions.